ICIAM Newsletter: Dianoia. Volume 1, Issue 1. January 2013


 2      What ICIAM Does for Its Members — Barbara Lee Keyfitz
 4      Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) — Christiane Rousseau
 5      CIM International Conferences and Advanced Schools Planet Earth, Portugal 2013
 5      News from the EMS — Franco Brezzi
 7      ICIAM and ICSU — Roger Pfister & Barbara Keyfitz
 8      About the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society — Arne Jensen
 9      Mathematical Congress of the Americas, 2013 — Susan Friedlander & Marcelo Viana
10     Two Items from SEMA
11     Start-up of the “Desk for Mathematics in Industry” in Italy — Roberto Natalini
11     IMA Bulletin — Iain Duff
12     ICIAM in the News
13     Inside the SMAI — Maria J. Esteban
14     ICIAM 2015: Call for Proposals of Thematic and Industrial Minisymposia
14     Call for nominations for ICIAM Prizes for 2015


Barbara Lee Keyfitz — Editor-in-chief
Dr Charles Saltzer Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
The Ohio State University
100 Math Tower
231 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1174, USA

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