ICIAM Newsletter: Dianoia. Volume 4, Issue 4. September 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The October 2016 issue of the ICIAM Dianoia Newsletter is now available.
Please visit the page http://iciam.org/dianoia [1] or click on the links 
below to download a copy.

2    ICIAM Announcements
3     EDITORIAL: Future Plans for DIANOIA—Barbara Lee Keyfitz
4     International Workshop on Industrial Mathematics. Valencia, May 18–19, 2017 
5     The IMU’s Committee on Women: Call for Applications
6     An interview of Patrice Hauret, winner of the Felix Klein Prize 2016 — Maria J. Esteban
7     ICIAM Conference Support for Applied and Industrial Mathematics in Developing Countries
8     Report on AIMS workshop, Cape Town, May 2–6 2016: Global change impact on diseases
           and alien species expansion — Christiane Rousseau & Jacek Banasiak
10   MSC 2020 
11   Call for Nominations for President-Elect of ICIAM
12   Series: Brief Interviews with Young Mathematicians: #3 — Roberto Natalini
12   Funding available from CIMPA
13   Volume 4: Table of Contents
14   About ICIAM
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ICIAM Dianoia

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