2019 Board Meeting Preparations

Page for preparations for 2019 Board Meeting

Sven's ToDo List

  • Create presentation of the other Officer candidates (Liliane and Phu)

  • Create my own presentation as Secretary.

  • DONE. Add color code (yellow, green, blue) and vote numbers to Board spreadsheet, see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1odZpVCskhRJD4s0KFpy93N39GjtvIQeD4X1e8yCjRCQ/edit?usp=sharing (you can edit).
  • DONE. Create presentation of three Board meeting proposals (and voting instructions).
  • Create presentation of sponsored meetings (partially done).
  • Finish minutes from Presidents' meeting & share with Presidents (email link).
  • DONE Send email to Board members, registered attendees, guests, and officers regarding Board meeting logistics (registration at 8:30am, room Jardin, dinner restaurant). I will also allow people to see the registration spreadsheet.

Official Guests

  1. IMU President : Helge Holden secretary@mathunion.org.  10 minute presentation. Unable to attend: Carlos Kenig (cek@math.uchicago.edu)

  2. Jim Crowley JCrowley@siam.org will represent SIAM
  3. CONFIRMED: Gender gap project: Jean Taylor, jtaylor@cims.nyu.edu, taylor.jean.e@gmail.com,  10  minutes presentation.
  4. CONFIRMED: SPC Chair : Yasumasa Nishiura,   yasumasa@pp.iij4u.or.jp  , 10  minutes presentation of proposed SPC list.
  5. CONFIRMED: Shin’Ichi Oishi, oishi@waseda.jp ICIAM 2023
  6. ICIAM 2023 delegation: Japanese ICIAM 2023 delegation is invited to the meeting.
  7. Candidates for ICIAM Officer Positions (ask for CV by June 5th, and if possible attend)
    1. CONFIRMED: Heike Fassbender (treasurer),  h.fassbender@tu-bs.de  ,  5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
    2. CONFIRMED: Luis Vega (officer at large),  lvega@bcamath.org  ,   5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
    3. CONFIRMED: Wil Schilders (officer at large),  w.h.a.schilders@TUE.nl  ,  5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
    4. Unable to attend Phu Hoang Xuan (officer at large),  hxphu@math.ac.vn Hoang.Xuan.Phu@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de  ,  5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides), see http://hpsc.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/hxphu/ 
    5. Unable to attacnd Liliane Basso Barichello (officer at large),  lbaric@ufrgs.br  ,   5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
  8. Representatives of societies which apply for membership: (welcome to attend, but not necessar; Volke rcan present their cases)
    1. CONFIRMED: Alvaro Riascos alvaro.riascos@quantil.com.com attending for Bernardo Uribe (+1), Sociedad colombiana matematicas,  presidencia@scm.org.co   ,  5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
    2. CONFIRMED: Alejandro Jofré,  SMAIS-Chile,  ajofre@dim.uchile.cl  ,   5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides).
    3. CONFIRMED:Eben Mare, South African Mathematical Society (SAMS),   SibandaP@ukzn.ac.za     ,    5 minutes' presentation offered (1-2 slides). 

Election of Officers: Nominations

  1. Treasurer
    1. Heike Fassbender, GAMM
  2. Secretary
    1. Sven Leyffer, SIAM
  3. Members-at-Large
    1. Wil Schilders, Director of PWN (Platforms for Mathematics, Netherlands)
    2. Luis Vega, nominated by Real Sociedad Matmematics Espanola, Rosa Donat
    3. Hoang Xuan Phu, Vietnames Mathematical Society, nominated by Volker Mehrmann
    4. Liliane Basso Barichello, SBMAC
    5. AMS jumbo list of nominations for Board

Additional Items for Agenda

  1. Add agenda item for update to canvassing committee (see Maria's emails)

Ask for CVs by June 5th or earlier.