Iain Duff

Iain Duff is an STFC Honorary Scientist in the Computational Mathematics Group in the Scientific Computing Department of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. His research includes numerical linear algebra, sparse matrices, parallel computing, and more.


The 2022 ICIAM Board meeting was preceded by a workshop for participants and the local community, hosted by the IMA and the University of Strathclyde. This report by Iain Duff was written for the IMA publication Mathematics Today and is reprinted by permission.

The 2020 ICIAM Board Meeting: A Member's Report

The ICIAM Board meeting was held online, chaired by the President Ya-xiang Yuan, with the support of the secretary Sven Leyffer, who inter alia conducted the online voting, and Maria Esteban, the previous President, who organized the posting of the presentations. This meeting replaced the originally planned Board meeting that would have been hosted by the IMA and held at Strathclyde University.