Sven Leyffer

Sven Leyffer is a senior fellow of the University of Chicago/Argonne Computation Institute. He is the current ICIAM Secretary.

ICIAM Secretary's Message: "2020 ICIAM Board Meeting"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM Members,

Due to the continuing COVID-19 situation, the ICIAM Officers have decided to hold the next ICIAM Board meeting via a zoom call on Saturday, September 26, 2020, at noon CEST (GMT+2, 5am Chicago time, 10pm Auckland time). The meeting will last about two hours to accommodate the different time zones of our members. Consequently, we will concentrate on the main topics.

ICIAM Board Meeting and Pre-Proposal Dates Changed

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to postpone the ICIAM Board meeting to September 26. The Board meeting will be preceded by a Workshop on Industrial and Applied Mathematics at Strathclyde University in Glasgow on September 24-25.