Virtual 2020 Board Meeting

Time and Place
Saturday, 26 September, 2020 - 12:00 to Sunday, 27 September, 2020 - 11:55

Virtual ICIAM Board Meeting September 26, 2020 (noon CEST, GMT+2)

The 2020 ICIAM Board meeting will be virtual. Board members must register here for the Board meeting by September 16, 2020, in order to receive the meeting link. Please register using this Google form (if you cannot access the form, please email the ICIAM Secretary with your name, and the society that you are representing).

Please see below for voting and login instructions!

Short-Form Agenda with File Links

  1. Noon CEST (GMT+2): Welcome
  2. Officers's Reports
  3. Finances
    1. Report on finances of the past year: balance sheet and Vanguard fund
  4. Acceptance of Officers' Reports
  5. Membership Issues
  6. Governance of ICIAM
    1. Preparations for President-Elect (2021 Board meeting)
  7. Scientific Meeting and Activities
    1. Report on the past Congress, see also this booklet
    2. Report on the next Congress and from Chair of SPC
    3. Pre-bids for ICIAM 2027
      1. ANZIAM: Auckland, New Zealand, Presentation
      2. RDMS-KWG: Den Haag, The Netherlands, Presentation
    4. MOU on Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science
  8. Prizes and Special Lectures
    1. Prize Canvassing Committee
    2. Proposed ICIAM Industry Prize
  9. Support of applied math in developing countries (see Secretary's Report)
    1. Proposal to roll 2020 funding over top 2021/2022
  10. Relations with other organizations
    1. ISC Committee
    2. Dianoia report and proposed editorial board (ICIAM Committee)
  11. Any other business
  12. Next Board meeting: Tokyo, after October th, 2021.

A zip file with the Board material is available here.


Online up-to-date version is in ICIAM box

Files, reference material and related websites.

Login Instructions

Meeting Instructions

  • Upon entering the zoom meeting, please change your "participants name" using the convention "FirstName LastName (SocietyAbbreviation)" consult  this list of members.for your society's abbreviation. Sven would use "Sven Leyffer (ICIAM)".
  • To change your name on zoom:
    • Click on "Participants" in the bottom
    • Hover over your name and click "More"
    • Select "Rename" and enter "FirstName LastName (SocietyAbbreviation)"
  • Please mute your mike, unless you are talking.
  • To ask questions, use the zoom “Chat” @ bottom. We will call you in the order in which questions are received.
  • Disable your video if bandwidth becomes an issue for you (if all else fails, use the call-in numbers above).

Voting Instructions

  • We will vote using zoom's polling facility. Each society can vote only once in each poll, selecting either 1, 2, or 4 votes, according to its membership status.
  • Check your society's membership status and number of votes by consulting this list of members.
  • To make the counting easier, large full members must cast their four votes as a single four-vote block.