Sociedad Matemática Mexicana

The aims of the Mexican Mathematical Society are:

  1. To promote mathematical research in all fields (basic, applied and education) and the applications of mathematics to other scientific, engineering, social, economic areas and in processes of technological development.
  2. To divulge mathematical knowledge through publications, conferences and other communication means.
  3. To contribute th the enhancement of mathematical education in Mexico at all levels of public education: basic, junior, undergraduate and graduate;
  4. To promote the interest for mathematical activities and to seek the acknowledgment of its impact in the development of culture, innovation and scientific and technological competitiveness of Mexico;
  5. To promote the participation of its members in the set up, modelling, analysis and solution of problems arising form other sciencies and activities of R&D;
  6. To lead in the development of abilities and mathematical thought in the Mexican population at large;
  7. To seek colaboration and cooperation between academicians and intelectuals interested in research of mathematical sciences;
  8. To actively promote the participation of all members regardless of gender, religion and sexual preferences in the development of sustantive activities  of the country, procuring oportunities, conditions and terms under equal priniciples of equity an non-discrimination.

(Small associate member since 2014)

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Sociedad Matemática Mexicana
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