ICIAM Announces 2015 ICIAM Prizes

The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) is pleased to announce the winners of the five ICIAM prizes for 2015.

ICIAM is a worldwide organization for professional applied mathematics societies, and for other societies with a significant interest in industrial or applied mathematics. The aims of the Council are:

  • to promote industrial and applied mathematics globally;
  • to promote interactions between member societies;
  • to promote the goals of these members societies; and
  • to coordinate planning for periodic international meetings on industrial and applied mathematics.

The ICIAM Congresses, held every four years, are run under the auspices of the Council. The 2015 Prizes will be presented at the next ICIAM Congress, ICIAM 2015, the Eighth International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, which will take place in Beijing, China, 10–14 August 2015.

Full details for the 2015 prize can be read under the ICIAM Congresses section or in the attached press release.