We're now on Twitter as @ICIAMnews

ICIAM is becoming hip, and now has a Twitter account. ICIAM's Twitter handle is @ICIAMnews and since May, we are communicating with our members in 140 characters at a time. We've written 43 Tweets, collected 56 Followers, and 24 Likes! We are following 112 other accounts, and have established a list for our members. So far, we are following those of our member societies whose Twitter handle we could find, or who are following us. If your society is not yet on our list, Tweet us, and we'll follow you! Our goal is to make this a vibrant site with instant updates, and exchanges of ideas.

Picture Competition

Help us to make our Twitter page (see above) better! The current design uses the ICIAM logo and a picture from a blood-flow simulation courtesy of Paul Fischer's group. We are holding an open competition to get a new design that better captures applied math and ICIAM. Please encourage your members to submit their design to secretary@iciam.org, or tweet @ICIAMnews with the hashtag #ICIAMpicture (with a 140 character or less description). The deadline for submissions is September 30th 2016. The top three finishers will win a unique coffee mug with the winning ICIAM design!