ICIAM Secretary's message - "Backup Email 2017 ICIAM Board Meeting Material"

Dear all,

Just checking that you received the email below from our iciam.org server ...



Dear ICIAM Representatives and Presidents,

It is almost one month before our Board meeting in Valencia, so according to our practice I am distributing information about the materials that you need for the meeting. The Board meeting itself will take place on Saturday, 20 May, 2017 (from 9am) at theHotel Eurostar Gran Valencia,Carrer de la Vall d'Aiora 3,46015 Valencia Valencia,Spain

The agenda and all other relevant material can be downloaded from the new ICIAM website, see http://iciam.org/meeting/board-meeting-2017-valencia-spain (you need to be logged in using your iciam.org credentials in order to view the material).

The link above also contains the logistics information for the workshop and Board meeting, such as local transportation, hotels, and registration details.

With kind regards,

Sven Leyffer
Secretary, ICIAM

-- Sven Leyffer Senior Computational Mathematician Argonne National Laboratory

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