ICIAM Secretary's message - "Minutes of the 2017 ICIAM Board Meeting"

Dear Presidents and Representatives,

Please find attached the minutes of the 2017 ICIAM Board meeting. I would appreciate, if you could send me any comments, or inaccuracies that you may find. the minutes are also available online at http://iciam.org/meeting/board-meeting-2017-valencia-spain (you will need to log on to iciam.org to see this page).

With kind regards,

Sven Leyffer

ICIAM Secretary

PS: If you are no longer the Representative or President of your society, please forward this email to the new officer, and ask them to change your society's information on iciam.org. See http://iciam.org/faq-members for instructions on how to change your Representative/President. -- Sven Leyffer Senior Computational Mathematician Argonne National Laboratory

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