ICIAM Secretary's Message - "2018 Board Meeting Minutes & New Rules"

Dear Presidents and Representatives,

The minutes of the 2018 ICIAM Board meeting, as well as updated versions of the Rules for ICIAM Prizes and the OTT lecture are now available for your comments. Please go to
http://iciam.org/meeting/2018-board-meeting-philadelphia-usa and scroll down to Minutes to find the rules. The next Board meeting will be held after the ICIAM Congress in Valencia on July 14, 2019, see http://iciam.org/meeting/2019-board-meeting-valencia-spain

Please send any comments or suggestions regarding the Minutes or the Rules to secretary@iciam.org

With kind regards,

Sven Leyffer
ICIAM Secretary

If you are no longer a Representative of your society, then we ask that you help us update the information of your society. Please check the data concerning your society on ICIAM's website, see http://iciam.org/members. If changes have to be made, the person who can do it is your society's editor, whose name is in the society's page, under the map. You can find more
information on how to update your information in our FAQ, http://iciam.org/faq-members

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