Editorial Statement: Travel Restrictions

In light of recent government decisions whose consequences will include restrictions on the international travel of scientists, the ICIAM Dianoia voices its support for mathematical scientists around the world.

Our international community flourishes because of our numerous contacts and collaborations. Whether we are speaking of short visits or immigation, this international communication has enriched the discipline and the host countries.

ICIAM is committed to sustaining the international mathematical sciences community, and policies that ensure open scientific borders are important. We encourage all mathematicians to support international mobility, and to oppose travel and visa policies that make it difficult for mathematical scientists to attend conferences, pursue collaborations and study in other countries.

DISCLAIMER: This editorial represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily that of the ICIAM Board. 


Barbara Lee Keyfitz

Barbara Lee Keyfitz is Professor of Mathematics at The Ohio State University. Her research area is the analysis of partial differential equations. She is a former president of ICIAM, and is Editor-in-Chief of the ICIAM Dianoia.