ICIAM President's message - "Call for Nominations for ICIAM Officers: Secretary, Treasurer, Officers-at-Large"


Dear Presidents and representatives of ICIAM member societies,

The ICIAM Board Meeting will take place in Valencia on July 20th, 2019. 
Please note the date and talk to your representatives in the ICIAM Board 
so that they can start thinking about their participation in the meeting (and hopefully in the congress too).
This meeting will include elections to fill all the ICIAM officer positions except President/President-Elect (which was filled in 2017): The ICIAM By-Laws state that elections for Secretary, Treasurer and Officers at Large take place on years congruent to 3 mod 4. The terms, which are four years in duration, begin on October 1 of the election year.

I am the current president and the president-elect is Ya-xiang Yuan (China), whose term as
President will begin October 1, 2019. The other officers are as follows:
-- Sven Leyffer (USA), Secretary, will have served one term in 2019. ELIGIBLE for renewal.
-- Jose A. Cuminato (Brazil), Treasurer, will have served two terms in 2019. NOT ELLIGIBLE for renewal.
-- Taketomo (Tom) Mitsui (Japan), Officer-at-Large, will have served two terms in 2019. NOT ELLIGIBLE for renewal.
-- Volker Mehrmann, Officer-at-Large, will have served one term in 2019. ELIGIBLE for renewal, BUT he does not want to be a candidate again (since January 1st, he became president of the European Mathematical Society).

The duties of these positions are described in the By-Laws as follows:

The Secretary maintains the records of the organization in cooperation with the President and in accordance with the decisions made by the Board. Moreover, in cooperation with the President he/she helps in the management of the society and of the website. The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the organization and annually presents a report on these funds to the Board. Therefore, he/she must be a very well organized person, accustomed to deal with accounting, and very familiar with the use of spreadsheet/Excel management and computers. Officers-at-Large do not have specific duties assigned by the By-Laws. At present Volker Mehrmann chairs the membership committee and Tom Mitsui co-chairs the ISC committee, together with Barbara Keyfitz. The new offices-at-large should probably be involved in the same duties.

Nominations for all these positions are solicited, and may be sent to the ICIAM President and/or the ICIAM Secretary (president@iciam.org, secretary@iciam.org) any time before the 2019 Board Meeting, but preferably before May 31st, 2019, so that information may be circulated to the Board in advance. ICIAM Officers serve without remuneration; however, reasonable officer expenses in carrying out their duties are reimbursed from ICIAM funds.

Anyone with an interest in becoming or nominating an ICIAM Officer is invited to discuss the positions with any of the current officers.
Best regards, 
Maria J. Esteban
ICIAM President
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