How to Propose to Host an ICIAM Board Meeting

ICIAM (the Council) holds a Board Meeting every year, generally in May, except for Congress years (year 3 mod 4) when the meeting takes place immediately following the Congress, at a location near the Congress venue. In the other three years of the four-year cycle, the Council seeks a member society to host the meeting. The invitation below was formulated for the 2020 meeting to encourage potential hosts to apply by clarifying what is involved in such an effort. It has been reworded for a generic (non-Congress-year) Board meeting.

Thank you for considering hosting the <year N> ICIAM Board Meeting. This form provides some background information on what is typically involved. Please provide short answers to each question below and submit this information to secretary@iciam.orgat least two days before the <year N-1> ICIAM Board Meeting. We will use this information to decide the location of the next Board Meeting.

Background. The ICIAM Board Meeting is a full-day meeting that is preceded by a two-day workshop on industrial and applied mathematics (apart from its scientific content and networking opportunities, the workshop allows member delegates to get travel expenses reimbursed from their grants). The hosting society is responsible for the following costs: (1) the creation of a website for registration of delegates and (if necessary) letters of invitation for visa purposes; (2) meeting rooms and AV equipment for the workshop; (3) the meeting room for the Board meeting for 40-50 delegates; (4) a working (buffet?) lunch for the Board meeting. Not required, but recommended, is a dinner following the Board meeting to allow delegates to continue discussions and socialize. Financial support for workshop speakers who request assistance would also be appreciated, but is not required (the level or existence of support is left to the discretion of the local organizers).

In order to allow the Board to evaluate your proposal, please complete the information below. Please note that the Board will also consider other aspects in its decision such as geographical diversification and ease of access to Board Meetings.


Proposed Date:

Briefly list your previous organizational experience:

Describe theme, and layout (session format, local participation) of the Workshop:

Briefly describe the layout of the facilities and support provided for the Meeting: