The Mathematics of COVID-19

 Mathematicians world-wide are contributing to the understanding of the COVID-19 epidemic, working with specialists such as microbiologists and virologists on mathematical models that take into account the different situations in different countries.

ICIAM has decided to create a page that collects these activities and projects from all over the world to provide a global view of the contributions of mathematics to help in the fight against COVID-19. Also, media contributions of mathematicians appear in some of those pages.
The aim is not to store individual articles or activities, but to list webpages that collect and advertise those in as many countries as possible, all over the world, and give them the visibility they deserve.

If you know webpages worth being listed, please forward the information to me at
The page’s address is: 


Maria J. Esteban

Maria J. Esteban is a senior researcher at CNRS and works at the University Paris-Dauphine. Her research area includes nonlinear partial differential equations, especially variational methods. Her term as President of ICIAM ended October 1, 2019.