Postponement of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM); 2020 EMS prizes

Postponement of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM) 

Due to the covid-19 epidemics the organizers of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics and the EMS have decided to postpone it to next year. It will take place in Portorož, Slovenia on 20 - 26 June 2021. One of the innovations at the event will be an online streaming format, with the possibility for full and active E-participation, besides the regular conference format. See for more information. 

2020 EMS prizes announced before the 8ECM

Every four years, the EMS awards its 10 EMS Prizes, along with the Felix Klein Prize and the Otto Neugebauer Prize at the opening ceremony of the European Congress. The postponement of the congress required to innovate about this, so the prizes were announced in May. The winners of the EMS Prizes are:

 Karim Adiprasito (Hebrew University of Jerusalem / University of Copenhagen)
Ana Caraiani (Imperial College London)
Alexander Efimov (Steklov, Moscow)
Simion Filip (Chicago)
Aleksandr Logunov (Princeton)
Kaisa Matomäki (Turku)
Phan Thành Nam (LMU Munich)
Joaquim Serra (ETH Zurich)
Jack Thorne (Cambridge)
Maryna Viazovska (EPFL, Lausanne)
The Felix Klein Prize is awarded every four years  “to a scientist, or a group of at most three scientists, under the age of 38 for using sophisticated methods to give an outstanding solution, which meets with the complete satisfaction of industry, to a concrete and difficult industrial problem.” The 2020 Felix Klein Prize winner is Arnulf Jentzen (University of Münster).
The Otto Neugebauer Prize is awarded every four years “for highly original and influential work in the field of history of mathematics that enhances our understanding of either the development of mathematics or a particular mathematical subject in any period and in any geographical region.” The 2020 Otto Neugebauer Prize winner is Karine Chemla (Université de Paris and CNRS)
See for more information about the laureates and their work.