An Applied Mathematician's Guide to Online Meetings

With COVID-19 practically cancelling all but essential travel, conferences, workshops, and seminars have turned to the virtual meeting space in cyberspace. Conference organizers are finding new and innovative ways to make online meetings fun and enjoyable, including separate channels for informal coffee breaks, slack channels for follow-up questions, and even breakout sessions and mini-symposia.

Two types of events have sprung up. First, a number of conferences and workshops that had already been scheduled to take place in physical venues have been converted to online meetings. Some have already taken place and their content is available online. A partial list of meetings includes

Past Meetings (online content available):

Upcoming Meetings (current at time of this publication):

A recent workshop, organized by ECMI,, is reported on elsewhere in this issue of ICIAM Dianoia.

In addition, there are many Ongoing Seminar Series  of interest to the ICIAM community. A comprehensive list of research seminars can be found at This is a searchable site that includes seminars in a number of fields.

Some seminars of particular interest to ICIAM members include

Many apologies if this eclectic list has omitted a seminar that you follow or organize and would like to publicize. Please send additional items to and we will include them in the next issue of ICIAM Dianoia.