ICIAM President's Message: "Expertise related to the International Science Council’s agenda"

Dear Representatives of ICIAM Member Societies,

I hope that all of you are doing fine, even though parts of the world are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As you know, ICIAM is a member of the International Science Council (ISC). And ICIAM has a committee to deal with 
issues related to ISC policies and projects. The Chair person of the ISC committee of ICIAM is our past-president,
Professor Maria Esteban.     Often ISC members are asked to propose names or answer surveys or 
propose ideas about topics suggested by the ISC. The ISC committee tries to do it, but often it does not have the 
necessary expertise in some particular topics. We know that many of the ICIAM members have often access to 
that expertise. This is why we would appreciate if our members would point to us names of their individual 
members who have an expertise in one of the main topics in the strategic plan of ISC for the coming years:

Sustainable development
Climate change
Biodiversity and ecosystems services
Earth observation
Disaster risk reduction
Urban agenda
Ethics, Freedom and responsibility in Science
Gender issues
Data management and open science and the future of scientific publishing

If there are people in your society who have an expertise in one of the above topics and who could be willing to collaborate 
with  the ISC committee, regularly as members, or in particular occasions, we would very much appreciate your pointing 
out them to us by replying to this message, or contacting Professor Maria Esteban at (esteban@ceremade.dauphine.fr).

Thanking you very much in advance for your help with this issue, and with my best regards,

Ya-xiang Yuan

PS) I take this opportunity also to remind you that the Board meeting of ICIAM will take place this year online, on September 26th, and that registration to participate in the Board meeting is open. Please see the letter sent to all of you recently by the ICIAM Secretary, Sven Leyffer:

If it is not done yet, please register for the Board meeting by using this link:http://forms.gle/nfEmvre3W6BGVFLLA (or by sending an email to secretary@iciam.org if you cannot access Google forms). You MUST register for the meeting in order to receive the login information for the ZOOM call. Please register by September 16, 2020.

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Sven Leyffer

Sven Leyffer is a senior fellow of the University of Chicago/Argonne Computation Institute. He is the current ICIAM Secretary.