The Editorial Policy of ICIAM Dianoia

For its first nine years of publication, which this issue completes, ICIAM Dianoia has announced its editorial policy with this brief statement, that appears on the ICIAM website, introducing the newsletter:

The ICIAM Dianoia newsletter was created to express the interests of ICIAM member societies and partner organizations. The views expressed in this Newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of ICIAM itself or the Editorial team. We welcome articles from members and associations, both announcing events, on-site reports from events and industry news.

As Dianoia matures, the editors find it to be useful to have a more precise statement of what types of articles are appropriate for the newsletter. We have formulated the following.

ICIAM’s newsletter, ICIAM DIANOIA, welcomes articles relevant to applied mathematics, its applications in industry, and non-technical news articles which are of sufficiently broad interest to ICIAM and its member societies. A list of topics that have been included in previous DIANOIA issues can be found below. General rules of DIANOIA's operation include: (a) no advertising; (b) no payment of authors for articles; (c) DIANOIA may give permission to reprint articles if asked; (d) DIANOIA may reprint relevant articles from other newsletters, with permission.
One of the missions of DIANOIA is to disseminate news of ICIAM activities and calls, as well as important information concerning the ICIAM Prizes and Congresses. But the scope of DIANOIA is much larger than ICIAM itself, and will publish news and articles of interest to a large community of mathematicians interested in the applications of mathematics and its interactions with other fields of science and with industry and with society.

It is up to the discretion of the DIANOIA editorial board to decide which articles to include. If you have any doubts whether a particular topic might be of interest, please get in touch with a member of the editorial board before submitting a contribution.
 A topical index of Dianoia articles appeared in Volume 6, Issue 1. Topics were listed under the following headings (in alphabetical order):

Abel Prize
Articles (including book reviews)
Developing Countries Events
International Congresses
ICIAM Member Societies News and Events
ICSU (former name of ISC)
Mathematics in Industry
Mathematics of Planet Earth
Other Meetings and Opportunities