Two Reports from the International Science Council. II. Open Science, Publishing and More

About OPEN SCIENCE at the international level

The International Science Council declared Open Science one of its strategic objectives in the 2019-2021 strategic plan. Its webpage contains a series of statements, declarations and documents. Important items are the following:

Open Science and the UNESCO initiative 

In this statement made by the ISC delegation to the UNESCO Special Committee meeting on Open Science, 6-12 May 2021, the delegation explores how the recommendation and potential cascading interventions by Member States could develop along two divergent pathways.

ICIAM was represented in this delegation.

Previously, the ISC had prepared a document about Open Science.

From ISC: Open Science for the 21st Century

Openness is at the heart of the scientific endeavour. This draft working paper, which was developed in response to a UNESCO global consultation on open science, brings together work developed within the International Science Council’s (ISC) community on open science. 

The details are too involved to summarize in this article. Readers are encouraged to consult the draft reports, and the comments, available at the websites indicated.