ICIAM President's Message: 2021 New Year's Greetings

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,


     2020, a year that the world was heavily affected by COVID-19, 

is finally over.  Isn't wonderful to welcome the new year 2021?


    Let me wish all of you, your families and your societies, the best of the New Year!

As the president of ICIAM,I am sending you my wishes, which include the 

"standard" New Year's wishes (good health, happiness, and all kinds of success, etc..),

and also include the wishes that in the new year  our community of applied and industrial 

mathematicians and our member societies will play even greater roles in social and 

economic development of the world. In particularly I hope that in the new year 

mathematicians and our member societies will make more and greater contributions 

in the fighting on COVID-19.


    2021 is an important year for ICIAM, since we will elect the next president and 

decide the site of the ICIAM 2027 congress. All these, and more, will be done at the 

next ICIAM Board meeting which is tentatively scheduled to be held in Tokyo in October, 

2021. I hope that by then the COVID-19 will be under control worldwide, and that  

I  will meet many of you in Tokyo.


    With my very best wishes for 2021,


Ya-xiang Yuan

ICIAM President

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Ya-xiang Yuan

Ya-xiang Yuan is the current President of ICIAM (2019-2023). He is a professor at Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on optimization.