ICIAM President's Message: Call for Nominations of ICIAM President

A new President-Elect of ICIAM will be elected this year, and we invite
member societies to nominate candidates for President. Nominations
should be sent to the ICIAM President (president@iciam.org) or Secretary
(secretary@iciam.org) before August 15th, 2021. Please provide the full
name, affiliation, and email address of the nominee with the nomination.

Because our Board meeting was postponed to October 30th this year due to
COVID, and to comply with the ICIAM Bylaws, which stipulate that the
term of the President-Elect starts on October 1st (Bylaws Art. 4.3.3),
and that the President must be elected by secret ballot (Bylaws Art.
4.2), we will hold a secret online ballot this year to elect the new
President. Details on how to vote will be sent to member societies in

To facilitate the online election, we will ask each nominee (nominated by
a member society) to submit a CV (at most four pages)  and 
a written statement on his/her aspirations and visions for ICIAM to 
the Secretary by August 31, 2021. We also encourage each nominee to
record a short (less than five-minute) statement that can be distributed 
to the member societies by August 31st.

With my best regards

Ya-xiang Yuan
ICIAM President

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Ya-xiang Yuan

Ya-xiang Yuan is the current President of ICIAM (2019-2023). He is a professor at Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on optimization.