Words of women in mathematics in the time of Corona

 A video,

                 "Words of women in mathematics in the time of Corona"

is now available for screening at https://www.wpi-aimr.tohoku.ac.jp/WWMTC/

This message is to encourage you to plan the screening of the film in your institution and possibly a related event.

 This video collects words of some 86 women in mathematics from 37 countries telling us about their experience in the time of Corona in 25 different languages. The video was launched on May 12th, date of the anniversary of Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday, which celebrates worldwide women in mathematics.

This project emanates from a group of mathematicians: Sonia Mahmoudi (Tohoku U., Japan), Claudia Malvenuto (U. di Roma La Sapienza, Italy), Sylvie Paycha (U. Potsdam, Germany) and Eriko Shinkawa (Tohoku U., Japan) after informal conversations about their experiences during the pandemic. This video is a  follow up of the film "Faces of  Women in Mathematics” with whose  authors, the mathematician Eugenie Hunsicker (U. of Loughborough, England) and the filmmaker Irina Linke, we have brought this new project to life.

The creators have requested that anyone planning a screening at an event on May 12th contact them and complete a form, at https://forms.gle/c2WEbiU9t4d83NAP9, containing the information: the title of the event, local time and location (including the country) of the event, as well as the necessary information related to the organizer(s). Although it is too late now to coordinate with this, the group invites your to contact them at wwmtc2021@gmail.com