Counting on Mathematicians to Help Save the Planet

The ISC introduced this series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, to share with the wider community innovative global stories of scientists and how they are addressing inequalities, engaging policymakers and the public, and pioneering a more sustainable future.

With all eyes on COP26, and a chance for the world’s leaders, policymakers and community activists to put the planet on a sustainable path, this series introduces scientists who are finding solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. Unlocking Science looks at how a global collaborative effort by international science is rising to the challenge of finding pathways to living within planetary boundaries.

Produced for the International Science Council by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, Unlocking Science addresses the need for accessible science – through compelling and innovative storytelling for the public. This new series of films, articles and podcasts explores the ever-changing face of science culture, where diversity of thought and creative approaches to our most immediate and complex concerns are championed. The series was launched in November, and Ken Golden's piece appeared in December. It can be found at

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