The 2021 ICIAM Board Meeting

The ICIAM Board met online on October 30, 2021. The meeting was supposed to be held in Tokyo, but moved to an online format due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions. Over 60 participants from around the world engaged on a range of business items. The Board voted that the ICIAM dues for 2022 remain unchanged from 2021, and that payment of the 2022 dues is voluntary to reflect a possible loss of income that members may have suffered due to COVID19.

Two new members were welcomed into the ICIAM family: the Hong Kong Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (HKSIAM) as new medium-sized full member, and the Serbian Mathematical Sciences Association (SMSA)  as a small-sized full member. Wil Schilders had been elected earlier as ICIAM President-Elect, which created a vacancy for an Officer-at-Large. We were lucky to have five highly qualified candidates to replace Wil. Following lively presentations and a Q&A session with all candidates, the Board elected Liliane Basso Barichello (nominated by SBMAC) to serve the remaining two years of Wil’s term followed by a full four-year term.

Shinichi Oishi from Waseda University and JSIAM updated the Board on the preparations for the 2023 Congress, and the Board approved the list of invited speakers for the ICIAM 2023 Congress, which will be made public later this year. Looking forward, representatives from The Hague presented their bid for hosting the 2027 Congress, which was unanimously accepted by the Board.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for 3 September 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland, making up for the 2020 Board meeting that was moved to a virtual format. We hope to reconnect in person with you in Glasgow!


Sven Leyffer, ICIAM Secretary


Sven Leyffer

Sven Leyffer is a senior fellow of the University of Chicago/Argonne Computation Institute. He is the current ICIAM Secretary.