Safeguarding science in the wake of conflict

The right to education and science and to benefit from advances in science and technology is enshrined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as is the right to engage in scientific inquiry, pursue and communicate knowledge, and associate freely in such activities. Unfortunately, academic and scientific freedom is under attack in many places, which threatens both individual scientists and also higher education and science systems and infrastructures.

The International Science Council (ISC) released an important conference report with seven key recommendations for the international community to better support science systems affected by conflict. They are: 

•           Responsibility

•           International solidarity

•           Openness

•           Mobility

•           Inclusion

•           Flexibility

•           Predictability

These recommendations provide guidance for responding to and supporting academics, researchers, students and higher education and science systems affected by conflict and disaster. The report is essential reading for national governments, multilateral organizations, universities, international science organizations and disciplinary unions and associations.

The executive summary can be downloaded here

The full report can be downloaded here.