Letter from the President of ICIAM, Ya-xiang Yuan

The 2022 ICIAM Board Meeting was held at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on Sept 3rd, 2022. Various important decisions were made at the board meeting, including the election of Suzanne Shontz as the new ICIAM secretary. A report on the board meeting appears in this issue of ICIAM Dianoia. Right before the board meeting, a Workshop on Applied and Industrial Mathematics was held on Sept 1-2, 2022. A report on the workshop, written by IMA representative Iain Duff, can be found in this issue of the Dianoia. 

On Sept 19th, the 2023 ICIAM prizes winners were announced; they are Maria Colombo (Collatz Prize), Alfio Quarteroni (Lagrange Prize), Weinan E (Maxwell Prize), Leslie Greengard (Pioneer Prize), Jose Mario Martinez Perez (Su Buchin Prize), and Cleve B. Moler (Industry Prize). The award ceremony will be held at the opening of the 2023 ICIAM Congress to be held in Tokyo, Japan, August 20-25, 2023. The official announcement of the 2023 ICIAM Prizes can be found at the website of ICIAM
 (http://iciam.org/2023-iciam-prizes-winners-and-committees), as well as at the ICIAM 2023 website and also in this issue of ICIAM Dianoia.

Ya-xiang Yuan
ICIAM President


Ya-xiang Yuan

Ya-xiang Yuan is the current President of ICIAM (2019-2023). He is a professor at Academy of Mathematics and Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on optimization.