Now Available in PDF Format: ICIAM Dianoia

When Dianoia changed its format from a PDF download to an online newsletter, one of the editorial board's goals was to eventually produce a PDF copy to complement the new version. That day has now arrived. With the efforts of ICIAM's web designer, Robert Carr, Director of Cognimatic Limited, readers now have access to a printable version of ICIAM Dianoia (US Letter or A4 page size). This responds to the requests of some ICIAM members, and in addition provides ICIAM with an archive of the newsletter.

Now when you receive an e-mail announcing a new issue, if you click on the phrase "View this newsletter in your browser" and are taken to the ICIAM web page where the newsletter is found, you will see an additional menu option: "Downloads". (See the image below.) If you choose that, you will be given the option of US or A4 format. Clicking on one of those buttons will put a copy of the full newsletter in your browser window. You can read, download, or print it. All the earlier issues have also been formatted this way. You will find them on the "News" page - a link from the ICIAM home page. All issues of the newsletter are listed on right side of this page, and clicking on any of them will bring up that issue of the newsletter, now offering the "Downloads" option.

We have not found a way to produce the elegant covers that our first managing editor, Sean Bohun, designed for the original PDF version. The community is now in the lead-up period to ICIAM 2023, just 16 months away, and Japan is a very picturesque location. The new format cannot do justice to it in the way we attempted for Beijing and Valencia. To see what Tokyo looks like, you will have to visit. But now anyone who wants to read the newsletter in the old-fashioned way will be able to do so.


Barbara Lee Keyfitz

Barbara Lee Keyfitz is Professor of Mathematics at The Ohio State University. She has a PhD from New York University, and works in the analysis of partial differential equations. She is a Past-President of ICIAM, and Editor-in-Chief of ICIAM Dianoia.