SCGES Launches Webinar Series with Gender Equality in Mathematics Session

This spring the Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) launched a webinar series to raise awareness of gender equality issues in sciences.  The inaugural webinar, organized by Marie-Francoise Roy of the IMU and Carol Woodward of ICIAM, was held Feb. 16, 2022 and was on “Gender Equality in Mathematics.” The webinar featured a 45 presentation by Colette Guillopé on the results of the Gender Gap in Science project specific to Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.  After a discussion period for this presentation, the webinar included a panel session featuring Linda Rothschild and Cathy Kessel, two former Presidents of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), and Kathryn Leonard, the current AWM President.  The panel focused on the challenges facing women in mathematics and how the AWM has supported women in facing those challenges in the past and currently.  

The webinar was streamed to YouTube with peak attendance during the live event of about 125 people.  The link to the recording can be found here,  

The second webinar, on “Women in Global Science Organizations,” was held on March 24, 2022.  Future webinars will be held every 1-2 months and will feature gender equality issues from many different science domains.  Participants are asked to register ahead of time for any webinar they would like to attend live.  Registration links will be available on the relevant pages under the main webinar series page at

ICIAM is an active participant in the Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science.  To bring greater attention to activities supporting gender equality, ICIAM has created a web page to collect information about activities its member societies are doing in support of gender equality.  The page is located at:  

If your society has had an event or some news of activities that support gender equality or if you have ideas on topics for future webinars, please send the relevant information to Carol Woodward (

More information about the SCGES can be found here:


Carol S. Woodward

Carol S. Woodward, Lawrence Livermore Nat Lab, is President-Elect of SIAM and Vice Chair of the Standing Committee for Gender Equity in Science. Her research includes portable numerical software, time integration methods, and algebraic solvers.