ICIAM Reminders: January 2023

Members are reminded to update their Society's information: 

ICIAM maintains a self-service membership directory at https://www.iciam.org/members. Please take this opportunity to check your membership information, and update it if appropriate. Instructions on how to update your entry or to add new information can be found in our membership FAQ, https://www.iciam.org/faq-members

Members may also be interested in ICIAM's Conference Support Program for Applied and Industrial Mathematics in Developing Countries: 

In addition to in-person meetings, ICIAM currently offers support for virtual meetings, for example by sponsoring waivers of registrations fees for participants from developing countries, or by supporting streaming or recording services. ICIAM encourages conference organizers to apply for support for virtual meetings using the general principles outlined in the announcement. Click here for details. 

Here's a reminder that you can download a PDF file of any issue of ICIAM Dianoia (as long as the editor has remembered to set it up). Clicking on the "Downloads" button at the top of the browser view of the newsletter will bring up a screen that offers you a choice of A4 or US Letter to fit your printer. 


The 2022 ICIAM Officers

Ya-xiang Yuan (President), Wil Schilders (President-Elect), Sven Leyffer (Secretary), Heike Fassbender (Treasurer), Luis Vega and Liliane Basso Barichello (Officers-at-large)