Recognition of ICIAM by ISC

Recent news shows that the International Science Council recognizes how central applied mathematics is to many scientific disciplines.

First, the ICIAM officers are very pleased to announce that the nomination of Maria J. Esteban as Fellow of the ISC was successful.

In the statement announcing the new Fellows, ISC President Peter Gluckman said:

“I am delighted to announce the election of Honorary Fellows and ISC Fellows today during the 2022 World Science Forum.  Recognised for their service to science for society, these individuals  have and will continue to play an important role in ISC’s mission to use science as a global public good.  They bring a diversity of experience, insight and perspective and I look forward to working with them over the coming months and years.  Our mission has never been more urgent."

The list of fellows can be found here.

 The citation reads Maria J. Esteban is a European fundamental researcher in mathematics, with indisputable presence worldwide. Her contributions span both scientific research and science management. Her research contributions establish connections between theoretical mathematics and interdisciplinary applications. Her invitations as plenary lecturer at prestigious conferences attest to worldwide acclaim.

She has led in scientific administration and in directing scientific activities for the European and world mathematical communities.

Her vision of science as a public good is the leitmotif of her tireless activity in promoting mathematics in particular and science in general in her multiple positions of responsibility in both European and world institutions.

A second important piece of news is that ICIAM is beginning to be successful in nominating applied mathematicians whose expertise can contribute to ISC's projects. Following a suggestion, the ISC Committee at ICIAM nominated Dieter Armbruster of Arizona State University for the ISC Advisory Committee on Science Planning, and our nomination was successful.  His name appears on the list of committee members, along with an explanation of the committee's purpose and function.