Gender Equality Committee Hosts Global Women’s Breakfast Event on Gender Gap Project

ICIAM is an active participant in the Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science (SCGES). The SCGES Webinar Series is a regular event organized by its Partner Institutions and coordinated by the SCGES. The series highlights various topics of interest around the focus of the Committee. The initiative was launched in 2022, and all past SCGES Webinars are easily accessible for viewing on the SCGES YouTube channel.

The next event in the webinar series will be a hybrid event entitled, “How to Evaluate and Reduce the Gender Gap in Science?” This event will simultaneously be part of the SCGES webinar series and the Global Women’s Breakfast.  The event will take place Tuesday 14 February 2023, 9H-12H 45 CET=UTC+1 at the Campus Condorcet, Conference Center, Room 50 (ground floor), 93300 Aubervilliers, (Greater Paris, France), Metro: Front Populaire (line 12).  The session will discuss the Gender Gap in Science project which ended in 2019. The session will reflect on the Gender Gap Project’s results, follow up with outcomes, and discuss alternative approaches. 

The SCGES requests all attendees (virtual or in person) to register in advance of the session here.  People unable to attend in person or online will be able to watch the recording on YouTube afterwards.

The session agenda is as follows:

9H -10 H 15: (In person only) Global Women’s Breakfast

10H 15 – 10 H 45: Marie-Françoise RoyUniversité de Rennes: The Gender Gap in Science project and its outcomes

10H 15 – 11H 30: Guillaume HollardEcole Polytechnique: What interventions for more women in science? Tools, knowledge and know-how for the creation and evaluation of public policies. 

11H 30 – 12 H 15: Sophie DaboUniversité de LilleRachel IvieAmerican Institute of Physics: The global survey of scientists: focus on Africa, Latin-America, Mathematics and Physics

12 H 15 – 12 H 45: Helena MihaljevicHTW Berlin: New results for the gender gap in publication patterns

Chair Mei-Hung ChiuNational Taiwan Normal University




Carol Woodward and Guiying Yan

Carol S. Woodward is a mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Guiying Yan is a professor at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).