Second Annual Report Issued by SCGES

The Standing Committee on Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) issued its second annual report.  SCGES has 21 partners representing scientists around the world, brought together across disciplines to promote gender equality in science.  The aim of SCGES is to ensure exchange of information amongst international scientific unions to foster gender equality and the implementation of recommendations of the “Gender Gap in Science Project.”

This report, compiled after the Committee’s second year of existence, is evidence of its current and future work on this endeavor.  Starting with a short synthesis by SCGES chair, Catherine Jami, and a brief summary of the Committee’s new webinar series, it contains short reports by each of the 21 members of SCGES, all of which have a stated commitment to promote gender equality and women in science. Exchanging information on all related issues and making them visible is a major motivation for the partners who work together in SCGES.  The report is enlightening in the various avenues that can be taken to support gender equality, including programming at meetings, codes of conduct, and committees or other institutional structures within the organizations that promote gender equality.

More information about the SCGES can be found here.

The second annual report of the SCGES can be found here.


Carol Woodward and Guiying Yan

Carol S. Woodward is a mathematician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Guiying Yan is a professor at the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).