The 2023 ICIAM Board Meeting: Announcing New Officers

This meeting took place at the end of ICIAM 2023, and a more complete report will appear in the next issue of Dianoia.


A photo of the Board members who were present at this well-attended meeting.

An important decision was to expand the group of officers from six to ten, in stages. As a beginning, two new officers were elected at this meeting, with terms beginning October 1, 2023. They are

Kenji Kajiwara of Kyushu University (Member Society JSIAM)

Yvonne Stokes of the University of Adelaide (Member Society ANZIAM)

In addition, current officer Luis Vega has been renewed for a second term.

The 2023 officers at the opening ceremony (Liliane Basso Baricello, Luis Vega, Suzanne Shontz,  Wil Schilders and Heike Fassbender - President Ya-Xiang Yuan is not in the photo as he was on the platform)