A Satellite Meeting of ICIAM 2023

A number of satellite meetings in connection with the ICIAM 2023 Congress took place, mainly in Japan, both before and after the Congress itself.

Here is a very brief report on one meeting, the OKO Symposium, organized by Adriana Dawes (The Ohio State University), Seirin Lee (Kyoto University), Atsushi Mochizuki (Kyoto University), and Eamonn Gaffney (Oxford). Its full title was “Mathematical biology from genes to cells to humans” and it took place August 28-31, 2023, at Kyoto University. It was sponsored by an institute at Kyoto University, ASHBi (the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology). I had the pleasure of participating in the meeting, and it opened my eyes to the variety and strength of current research in "mathematical biology". I will not try to summarize the symposium here - for that you may look at the Symposium webpage, but one piece of evidence, for me, is that I was not able to identify who of the speakers had their advanced degrees in mathematics, and who in biology, so well did they blend one field with the other.

Here is a photo of all the participants in the symposium:


Barbara Lee Keyfitz

Barbara Lee Keyfitz is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at The Ohio State University. She has a PhD from New York University, and works in partial differential equations. She is a former President of ICIAM, and Editor-in-Chief of ICIAM Dianoia.