Latest Information on ICIAM 2023

July 12, 2023 : List of Accepted Posters

The organizers of ICIAM 2023 are pleased to inform the list of accepted posters. Please see here

June 10, 2023 : The organizers of ICIAM 2023 have arranged for a limited amount of childcare during the congress. However, space is filling up quickly. Details and an application form can be found here

May 15, 2023 : Tentative Detailed Program

The organizers of ICIAM 2023 are pleased to inform about the tentative detailed program. Please see here

May 15, 2023 : Shortening presentation time of talks in MS [Important]

Following a suggestion from the ICIAM Officers, the length of each talk in Minisymposium was changed to 25 minutes [20 minutes for a presentation & 5 minutes for questions]. Please see  here (There will be no change in the length of the contributed talks.)


Shin’ichi Oishi and Takeshi Ogita

Shin’ichi Oishi, Professor at Waseda University, is the ICIAM 2023 Congress Director; Takeshi Ogita, Professor at Tokyo Woman's Christian University (TWCU), is the ICIAM 2023 Local Scientific Program Committee Chair