Letter to Presidents and Representatives

Messages from the ICIAM President to the Presidents and Representatives of Member Societies

ICIAM President's Message: 2023 New Year's Greetings

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM Member Societies,


     As the new year 2023 begins, I would like to wish you and your societies all the best for 

the next 12 months. Above all good health for you and your families and also success to 

your societies for all the events and activities they will organize.


       This year will be an important year for the ICIAM community. As you all know,  the ICIAM

congress will be held in August 20-25, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. With less than 8 months left 

ICIAM President's Message: Asking for nominations of Members of SPC of ICIAM 2027

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,


At the last ICIAM board meeting held in Glasgow at Sept 3rd, 2022, we approved Professor Barbara Wohlmuth

as chair of the Scientific Programme Committee(SPC) of ICIAM 2027 which will be held in The Hague, the

Netherlands in 2027. One of the main tasks for the next ICIAM Board meeting (Tokyo, 26 August 2023) will be 

to discuss about the composition of the SPC of ICIAM 2027.


ICIAM President's Message: Announcement of the Winners of 2023 ICIAM Prizes

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,

It is my pleasure to announce today the winners of the 2023 ICIAM Prizes.
These prizes will be awarded during the opening ceremony of the ICIAM 2023 congress
that will take place in Tokyo (Japan) on 20-25 August, 2023.
Following our rules, the public announcement has been made today.

Please, disseminate this information around your membership, either by email or via your newsletters and websites.

The prize winners are:

ICIAM President's Message: Call for nominations of Officer-at-large

Date: Oct 6th 2021

Dear Presidents and Representatives,

As our scretary, Sven Leyffer already informed you that one of our Officer-at-Large, Wil Schiler, had been elected as ICIAM's President-Elect.  Thus, according to our bylaws, we need to fill the position of  Officer-at-Large that has been vacated by Wil Schilders' election as President-Elect at our next Board meeting.