Letter to Presidents and Representatives

Messages from the ICIAM President to the Presidents and Representatives of Member Societies

ICIAM President's message - "Suggestions for names for the ICIAM 2019 prize committees"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,
Following the rules approved at the ICIAM Board meeting at Campinas (May 7th, 2016),
we are contacting you to invite suggestions for possible members for the ICIAM 2017 prize committees, that will be set up next fall.
Suggestions should be received at the address :  president@iciam.org
before July 15th, 2016.

ICIAM President's message - "As 2016 starts"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,

On behalf of all the ICIAM Officers it is a big pleasure for me to wish all of you and your societies a very happy and successful 2016!  I specially wish that the activities of your societies continue making Applied and Industrial Mathematics still more useful and visible in your respective countries and worldwide, and that the exchanges that we may have thanks to our common belonging to ICIAM help all of us in doing that.

Best regards,

ICIAM President's message - "Call for pre-bids for ICIAM 2023"

Dear colleagues,

Following current rules, the 2016 ICIAM Board meeting (Sao Paulo (Campinas), May 7th, 2016) will be the place to present and discuss the pre-bids for ICIAM 2023. Only pre-bids approved by the Board will be allowed to present a complete bid in the 2017 Board meeting, where the final decision will be made about who will organize this congress.