ICIAM Newsletter: Dianoia. Volume 6, Issue 1. January 2018

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Dear Colleagues,


Apologies for the blank message you received last week.
The January 2018 issue of the ICIAM Dianoia Newsletter is a double issue.
Please visit the page http://iciam.org/dianoia [1] [1] or click on the links below to download a copy.

Volume 5 Issue 4 & Volume 6 Issue 1


2    ICIAM Announcements 
2    Math for the Digital Factory 
3    Welcome To Ya-xiang Yuan — Barbara Keyfitz 
5    CSIAM-JSIAM-KSIAM-ECMI meeting held in
        Qingdao, China — Xiao-lin Zhang 
6    Conference Support for Applied and Industrial
        Mathematics in Developing Countries 
6    An Encounter of Presidents in Beijing — Maria
        J. Esteban 
7    Announcement of the Invited Speakers for the
        ICIAM 2019 Congress — Maria J. Esteban 
7    The AAAS Statement on Scientific Freedom
        and Responsibility 
9    Mathesia, the Land of Opportunities for Math
        Specialists — Francesca Gatti 
10    IMU Committee for Women in Mathematics:
        Funding Call 2018
11    The Council Poster 2017 
13    European School on Mathematical Modeling,
        Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing,
        Kácov, Czech Republic 
14    Index of Volumes 1–5 by Topic 
18    ESGI-128 Limerick 18
19    10th Elgersburg School on Mathematical Systems
        Theory — Achim Ilchmann, Timo Reis
        & Fabian Wirth 
20    ICIAM 2019: Academic Calendar 
21    ICIAM 2019: Call for Proposals of Satellite
22    About ICIAM 

February, 2018
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