ICIAM Newsletter: Dianoia. Volume 6, Issue 2. March 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

The April 2018 issue of the ICIAM Dianoia Newsletter is now
available. Please visit the page http://iciam.org/dianoia  or 
click on the links below to download a copy.

Volume 6 Issue 2


2    2018 Board Meeting
4    The Olga Taussky-Todd Lecture at ICIAM 2019
4    ICIAM 2019 Newsletter Announcement
5    New International Organisation for Science is
        Going to Start - Tom Mitsui
6    A View of Applied Mathematics in Mexico -
        Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez
8    Looking Back - Christiane Rousseau (Member-
        at-large of the IMU Executive Committee)
9    Report on the Gender Gap Regional Workshop
        NTNU - A. Novick-Cohen, K. Sako & G. Yan
11    Abel Prize 2019 Press Release
12     On the Way to ICIAM 2019 - Spring 2018 Update
13    ICIAM 2019 Valencia: Call for Minisymposia
14    ASAMACI: Technical Report of the Scientific
        Meeting - Domingo A. Tarzia
16     Summary of recent DCS workshop - ISIAM
17     About ICIAM

April, 2018
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