ICIAM Dianoia. Volume 11, Issue 3 July 2023

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Here it is! ICIAM 2023 will begin on August 21 - about five weeks from now. This issue is short: There is not much to say beyond some final announcements about the Congress. Please read the welcome letter from ICIAM President Ya-xiang Yuan, whose fruitful term as President ends a few months after the Congress.

And there is always something to look forward to. Two summers from now, the western hemisphere version of an international congress takes place with the fourth Mathematical Congress of the Americas, MCA 2025. Like ICIAM 2023, MCA 2025 will welcome participants from all countries, and is especially eager to build connections with and between North and South American mathematicians.

Another aspect of science is discussed by Maria Esteban and Wil Schilders in an article about the International Science Council, which is trying to find its place in a world that needs science urgently but sometimes seems hostile to science.

Let's meet at ICIAM 2023 to talk about mathematics all over the world.


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July, 2023
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