Subject Matter Experts for ICIAM ISC Committee

Sustainable development 

  • Kate Evans, USA
  • Bernd Krauskopf, New Zealand
  • Edward Lungu,  Botswana

Climate change

  • Ken Golden,  USA
  • Hans Kaper,  USA
  • Bernd Krauskopf, New Zealand
  • Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, Brazil
  • Jorge X. Velasco Hernandez, Mexico
  • Pete Ashwin, UK

Biodiversity and ecosystems services

  • Ake Branstrom, Sweden
  • Fred Roberts, USA

Ethics, Freedom and Responsibility in Science

  • Alexandre Borovik, UK
  • Adolfo Quirós, Spain
  • Dirk Werner, Germany  

Disaster risk reduction

  • Olle Häggström, Sweden
  • Begoña Vitoriano, Spain

Gender issues

  • Carol Woodward,  USA
  • GuiYing Yan, China

Open science and the future of scientific publishing

  • Frederic Helein, France

Outreach and communication /suggestions of people to join the ISC Science Communications Network 

  • Stéphane Cordier, France
  • Roberto Natalini, Italy
  • Gaël Octavia , FSMP, France