ICIAM Secretary's Message: "Nomination for ICIAM Prizes"

Dear ICIAM Presidents and Representatives,

The deadline for nominations for ICIAM prizes is September 1, 2021.

The following ICIAM Prizes are awarded every four years the the ICIAM Congress, see also https://iciam.org/iciam-prizes

  • ICIAM Industry Prize for outstanding contributions to innovative mathematical techniques with demonstrated impact in Industry.
  • Olga Taussky-Todd Lecture is awarded to a woman who has made outstanding contributions in applied mathematics and/or scientific computation.
  • ICIAM Su Buchin Prize recognizes outstanding contribution in the application of mathematics to emerging economies and human development.
  • ICIAM Pioneer Prize for introducing applied mathematical methods and scientific computing techniques to an industrial problem area or a new scientific field of applications.
  • ICIAM Maxwell Prize in recognition of a mathematician who has demonstrated originality in applied mathematics.
  • ICIAM Lagrange Prize recognizes mathematicians who have made an exceptional contribution to applied mathematics throughout their careers.
  • ICIAM Collatz Prize recognizes an individual under 42 years of age for outstanding work on industrial and applied mathematics.

Nomination are accepted online at https://iciamprizes.org/

Sven Leyffer
ICIAM Secretary

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