Dianoia is Seeking a New Editor-in-Chief

The current EiC is Barbara Keyfitz, whose term ends at the end of 2024, and ICIAM is looking for a new editor-in-chief.

The main task of the EiC is to produce an four issues a year (January, April, July and October). This involves soliciting articles of interest from members of the Dianoia Editorial Committee, from the ICIAM officers and from the ICIAM Community.

Typesetting the newsletter uses a reasonably convenient software platform on the ICIAM website. (It works very much like MS Word, and has some LaTeX capability as well.) Learning it is straightforward. Because excellent translation engines exist, it is not necessary for the EiC to be a native English speaker. The main qualification is an interest in what is happening in the ICIAM community, and an eagerness to communicate about it. Topics of interest include activities of member societies, international congresses in mathematics and applied mathematics, international prizes, and developments in the interaction of mathematics and industry. The new EiC may put their own stamp on the newsletter.

An important role of Dianoia is to keep member societies and their members aware of ICIAM business, including preparations for ICIAM Congresses such as prize nominations and calls for minisymposia; communications from the ICIAM President and other officers; announcements of Board meetings; and reports from organizations with which ICIAM is involved, such as the International Science Council.

The time commitment is generally concentrated in the week or two before each issue comes out. The current EiC plans to work with the new EiC over their first year to explain how the process works. Many members of the editorial committee have been quite engaged and have contributed articles, made suggestions, and helped with proofreading.

If you think you might be interested in this role, or have suggestions of someone we should contact, you are encouraged to talk to the current EiC, who you can reach by e-mail at keyfitz.2@osu.edu, or to any officer of ICIAM.